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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 12, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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all-new today, the best viral videos "right this minute." scuba divers spark ahead to the surface. >> but there's a problem. >> what goes horribly wrong that leaves aa woman without her life line. >> she just signed a death warrant for herself. >> -- for an afternoon stroll. lions were once abused. >> and they were malnourished. >> how the lion whisperer saved them from one sinister plan. a scooter rider disappears under a giant truck. but -- >> what? >> see the miracle at the very end. and a 2-year-old belting out a gospel classic. ? praise the lord ? >> boy! >> now hear how grandma's praise partner is headed for internet
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a group of scuba divers ventured out near south africa but there's a problem. first problem they've gone separated from the diving instructor so you see them all motioning to go up. looks like everybody is on board. when you notice two other divers that don't look to be going up. they're about 50 feet underwater and suddenly this woman starts to panic. >> oh, no! no, no, no. calm down, calm down. >> she's taken off her mask and everything. >> she's excited. death warrant for herself taking her air off 50 feet under water. >> she's an inexperienced diver. >> you can't just ascend from 50 feet because you'll get the bends. >> at this point you have to do that though because at this point you have nothing to lose and the bends is not the worst
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>> oh, my gosh! >> this -- not only was she panicking like we said going up that fast can be detrimental. luckily -- >> but you got to get up fast because you can't breathe. >> you either drown or you get the bends. i think the bends. >> luckily, she's okay. this video was posted last january but it's just recently gone viral and whoo there's a lesson to be learned in all of this. >> oh, it's fun when a dog chases your car. >> not these two big cats. >> go, go! >> ooh. >> of kevin richardson, it's all in a day's fun. look at this, they're in a cage. they let them out. >> wait, so this is the guy that is world renowned for having relationships basically with these lions. >> right. this is the lion whisperer.
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life sanctuary in south africa and he took george and yama in from spain where they were kept in a zoo where people could pet them. and they were malnourished. >> about to place young george and yama for an afternoon stroll in the park. >> this guy has done so much for lions. >> if you notice right there, this lion, the leg malformed because they were malnourished for a to keep them small and cuddly so that people could -- so that the people could prolong the george and yama being used for their practice. >> they're being cared for. they do get out in the wild. they're in a sanctuary where they're safe and where they are lovered. and i hope my dog is watching because when he calls the lions to come, it's time to go, the lion listens. >> there we go.
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>> these people videoing as well. out there like being mourn mauled by lions? >> these people got an incredible view and just a really fun experience for these people. >> say good-bye! >> don't steal the camera. say good-bye. >> if there weren't cameras around to capture these next two videos you would never believe the outcome. first, you got dash cam video, this black volkswagen waiting for its chance to turn left after the silver car goes. it takes its >> oh! >> oh, my goodness. >> that bike -- >> beating. smashing into that car. he goes cartwheeling over, does land right on its head. if anybody out there still rides motorcycles and doesn't wear a helmet, watch this video. >> somehow, this guy survived this incident, did suffer some fractures, was rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay. which is crazy.
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story if he doesn't have it on. >> next video this woman right here riding a scooter does not have safety gear on. and that truck that she's just in front of clearly does not see her and goes ahead and runs right over her and the scooter. but -- >> what? >> pops up. >> no! >> that is a massive truck. >> must not have hit her with the wheels. >> she must have every single wheel. >> oh, my -- >> how. >> the bike is still under there. >> i think the bike may have gotten caught up and dragged underneath the truck. how she got away from it. did not get hit and walked away -- >> girl go play the lotto right now. >> whoo. >> how do you know you've been a bad boy and the universe is going to let you know? >> i don't know. i should know this. >> yeah, you should. >> he's well versed in it. >> did it ever let you know like
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because this guy is recording a storm in the backyard. >> oh. >> it's never actually happened to me but gayle has said it repeatedly, lightning will strike you down you bad boy. >> you hear the dog barking. that lightning was so close it could have hit him! >> i almost died right there. >> now these guys definitely freaked of their home. survive outside in a because her dog, her dog got soaked. >> that is my dog. he has locked me out of the house. >> what? oh. >> dogs they know how to open those handles and stuff. >> yeah, yeah, yeah yep. >> watch. >> those are my dogs. and they've locked me out of the house. i'm like -- >> they're like mom, where's our treat after the walk? you know that one we get after the time was over for the walk.
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>> mom -- that's what you get for making a cage when you're at work. >> what's so funny is they're looking at her like she's a stranger like i don't know you. >> yeah. >> what are you doing at the window? >> just get revenge. just go around and pee in all their favorite places and then they'll let you in. >> you know, she was stuck outside for 45 minutes until her boyfriend came and let her back in the house. >> youtuber colin is back with his latest epic >> ooh. >> why this crazy contraption is what childhood dreams are made of. >> ooh. >> -- second. >> and he's letting others decide how he'll spend his day in the big apple. >> it's all going to be done via twitter. >> keeping it real. >> watch and see if living by thee poles makes for an amazing
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closed captioning provided by -- d intensive healing. two powerful ways to fight itch. gold bond. relief starts now. motion sickness. i don't particularly like heights -- >> what do you take when you take a whole list of fierce and combine that with an imaginative and inventive mind. >> this thing is awesome. >> this is a 360 degree swing. >> oh! >> this is a childhood dream come true. >> how many times did you swing back and forth trying to make it all the way around. >> there is no definite equipment. there's nothing strapped into. no harness. he just puts his feet there. >> holds on with his hands. and with his knees. >> check it out, when it does look -- >> boy does it look like fun.
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supposed to be. with no harnesses, no safety, because that is what you were trying to do as a kid. >> that's what you always dreamed of. >> yes. >> you see that he saw the rest of the world when he was upside down. >> taking all these childhood dreams come true. >> making all our childhood dreams come true in the backyard. that's right. he's got so many subscribers. he's upside feet high. >> the arms used to be longer. >> snap. >> that's not something you want to see on your giant 360 swing so colin, just- >> fortunately it all worked out. now as usual with colin, videos he does have a couple of videos
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in school because it's basicall newton's physics that help build this amazing thing. >> this is the worst predicament this hedgehog could possibly find itself in. >> it was just trying to go to the other side. who knows. it's a wild hedgehog. spotted it in real life, and it was not going anywhere. and it needed some help. a rescue organization did respond. they're that fence enough to be able to release it. >> he's a wild yet well fed hedgehog. >> actually it's a she. and she -- >> pregnant? >> when they release her you see that one of the rescuers triese. >> i've held one of them before. it really doesn't hurt to really hold them like that. >> they take her to their
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they did determine that the hedgehog was healthy enough to be released glen. they brought it back out, and they let it go. >> to the fence again? >> i, i, i saw that, too. i'm guessing they were able to determine that it was maybe now on the right side of the fence? >> you wouldn't expect the rescuers to do that but there are groups that do. >> he's about to hit the big apple. >> i've been to new york a few times but i don't do a lot of exploring. i've always been here for little bit differently this time. >> letting twitter make all my decisions. hopefully i'll learn more about new york. >> i don't think you're going to learn much about new york. >> where to get bagels. >> all right david thompson's bagels. what should he get? plain, garlic, pump per nickel or chocolate chip. >> chocolate chip. >> how did i know you would say that, nick? the folks voted that way as well. >> got my bagel.
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chip bagel, they were out of that. i got scallion and bacon spread. keeping it real. >> now it's off to the studios where he decides you know what -- >> it's humid and hot in new york. some new clothes. >> and again he gives people several choices and they're going to tell him where to go. but before he heads there -- >> farmer's market going on. >> what he should buy. and while he's there he runs into one of his twitter followers. >> y >> vacation from egypt. >> and now it's lunch time so he wants to know should he eat pizza, street meat or a hot sub sandwich. >> street meat! >> sorry guys. he chose pizza. >> you're in new york, they got arguably some of the best pizza in the world. i get it. >> split there. >> we have four slices. >> from there, does a quick break to do his money segment where he gives away the cash. >> got to go to central park and
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$200. >> it's a treasure hunt. if you find him you win the money? >> yep. $200. and all you got to do is say these words. 30 minutes later this lovely young lady shows up. >> there it is. there it is! >> she ran up and said give me that coffee, boy! this is a pretty fun way to experience new york. let the folks lead you by the hand via twitter. >> next time we should go come up with it would be fun. dad. >> i thought we were friends. >> and they teamed up on him. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a bmx rider's found himself a unique new play ground. >> riding the salt flats. >> see why his salty tricks were anything but easy. plus how delicious comfort foods come to the to make --
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promotional considerations provided by -- allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. daniel is getting salty in bolivia. venezuelan bmx rider five time x-game medalist and has found himself in a wonderfully unique landscape riding the salt flats. >> on his little bike. >> on his little bike. >> that is pretty darn cool. >> they belt the -- i guess that's compromised as well? >> all built out of salt you're right.
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>> he's just peppering the video with tricks. >> this is a sport for all seasons. >> this is so beautiful. >> seems like another planet. >> the cool thing is with red bull there is something iconic to it for this one it's just so beautiful. >> daniel is making it look easy but it was anything but the elevation here is at 11, 800 feet so the first day he was a bit winded. took a little while for him to get this place played a big role. when the sun goes behind the cloud it gets very cold. when the sun comes out it becomes uncomfortably hot. but it's really unique video together. there's also a behind-the-scenes video that he put together as well. go to, click on tv show or you can use our mobile app. >> we've all been there. you go on the internet, pinterest, some kind of recipe you see something you want to
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food did. >> omg. i immediate to make those. >> spaghetti grilled cheese. >> okay i'm listening. >> first you get -- take the wax paper in it, put your spaghetti and meat sauce, chill it. >> he's chilling it so it's easier to work with. >> otherwise it will all fall t part. puts some garlic powder in it and coats the side going on the grill. puts some mozzarella on there. goes and gets spaghetti. topped with parmesan cheese and parsley. buts it in the oven to 375 and then when he takes it out. >> oh, my gosh. >> you know when you mentioned a spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich i'm like that's disgusting that's gross but now it's all put together all the bits are there. i mean frequently will eat spaghetti with bread. why not just kind of put it all together. >> exactly. >> my grandmother's rolling over in her grave here you say this
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>> it does look really yummy. >> hmm. >> no one can explain this. >> this is adorable toddler nose he's more than blessed. >> grandma calls him her praise partner. >> now meet the little man who captured the spirit and the
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bowl. >> there's the end of your experiment. >> science. >> and there came a point in the sermon where the preacher would say it don't matter where the spirit moves in the shower in the car let it move. well he got that message. ?? >> oh, look at him. >> oh. >> noeths. ?? >> whoa! ? praise the lord ? >> say it baby.
10:26 am
grandmother lydia and they're singing a song called better than blessed by candy davis. people know this song when i saw this in my feed i was like boy! this video has millions of inte are just taken by not only what the little boy is singing about but the fact he's so it. grandma calls him her praise partner and you'll see why. >> throw your hands -- >> for somebody singing or preaching so good -- >> why don't we meet this little guy live. "right this minute" we've got miss lydia and demetrius -- >> whoo! >> hi. >> hello! >> now miss lydia you said that demetrius was on youtube. how lodge did it take him to learn this? >> not long. almost every other day. >> wow.
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>> that's amazing. >> you tell us about his heart condition. share that with all of us. >> he was born with a congenital heart defect, and five days after he was born he had open heart surgery. >> oh. >> well he's got something to be praising about, doesn't he? >> yes he does. it's like he nose it. >> believe i can fly every other day he has a new song. i believe i can fly was monday. i prayed about it. believe i can fly with me. ? i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky ? ? every night and day ? >> he's like, no. >> he is puzzled. does not know what kind of crazy is happening over here. well thank you demetrius for
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?? >> and that's your dose of daily viral videos for more check out we'll see you on the next "right
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it's an all-new show today, with great viral videos "right this minute." high drama at the hair salon where -- >> sometimes people overreact. >> what has one dude wearing bangs. >> oh! >> he didn't like his hair cut? >> we're going so fast. >> popular youtubers are skate boarding through ireland until the skate board goes -- >> right into the drink. >> now sean mcbride reveals the amazing story of how his prized possession got back home. >> that is the best part. >> somebody broke mommy's lipstick. >> and she doesn't deny it. >> what dad this of her unusual plan to fix it. >> hmm. >> let's do that. >> and a man on a very public mission who -- >> find out what has him busting a move all over l.a. >> and he is working it. >> it's -- >> it's lit, it's lit, it's lit. >> sometimes, people overreact


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